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sábado, 21 de agosto de 2010

Are you reliable?

You engenders trust in people? They may believe you? Already tested this, or they just make you a smirk and convince them that you are indeed a reliable staff? But the better question is this, but perhaps, WHY DO I NEED TO BE RELIABLE? Why do I need to generate trust in people? Many of us may not do this question. Some act naturally, they are confident by nature, until they even serve. So neither. Others conceal a deep impression: - I'm CONFIDENT! In the novels we have great examples of the human face. From the state of BEING CONFIDENT humans becomes TRUST YOURSELF.

However, if people believe in me, because I do not even believe it? At the other extreme there are those who spend so much natural confidence that comes excessive, that person will know everything you ask. Some abuse, or other use. Human beings must respect yourself first, and the other in the middle where he lives. When this state of connection is not present, is initiated to a condition that becomes "morbid confidence", ie I DO NOT KNOW IF I AM RIGHT, BUT DO I ACCOUNT I AM, and becomes, and we tend to believe. It is a pathological condition, with some abnormality of feelings. How many people who believe they have a character of great confidence, they become idols, and suddenly, he is just a farce? Why? Lack of confidence, which is replaced by the arrogance of stardom: - They like me, many thousands, so I'm really good. False confidence rises so much that they think they are above any other human being, what the hell, I am worshiped, almost a GOD! I AM RELIABLE, DO WHAT I DO, WILL worship; God does not punish? NOW, I AM A GOD! And we believe, is not it? We are easy. We accept, not question, yelling, screaming and collude.

Be confident requires a strong self-esteem. I have to like me before, forgive me love me, again forgive me, believe me, then yes, being able to discern what is good for me, is good for others or not. Being a man of confidence is having faith in themselves, pass this faith, this belief that something can or not, we are not infallible. We're not superheroes, we do not want to be, for all our species has an empty gap, which is the pride, arrogance, and our values can be tarnished if we do not know with complete fairness, harmony, knowledge, insight, this slit. Is it that connects us to the empty nothing, the lack of notion, but well satisfied, brings reason, emotion and sense of the environment we live and we intend to cooperate. This gap and filled with fraternal philanthropic values, can bring us great self-esteem and become worthy citizens of confidence for ourselves and the society to which we belong, and with her help, since this is for me , the base of unfolding the divine seed in each one of us. Trust, truth in yourself and others.
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